Text-Based IFs

interactive fiction relying only on text and maybe a few images to tell a story, go ahead and choose your own adventure

Visual Novels

searching for more visual stories? we got you covered

Other Narrative-Driven IFs (misc)

these games have point-and-click or other complex elements, so they're not text-based nor visual novels. still IFs though!

Coding Templates & Resources

interested in developing your own IF? here are some resources!

Customizable MC

if you enjoy being able to decide the name, personality, and sometimes gender of your main character, this is the place


are you a lover at heart?


fantasy and supernatural sometimes overlap, you know? we figured these two would work best together


darker stories that might send shivers down your spine


find clues and solve some mysteries


a mix between stories set in the daily life, or more lighthearted and simpler tales


everything science fiction. from aliens to spaceships to AIs implanted in your head. sometimes even all of these at once


apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic narratives. are you ready for what's to come?


take a quick trip back to the past


sometimes we all need a good laugh


and sometimes, supervillains as well

Short Reads

these stories shouldn't take more than half an hour to read fully, so if you're interested in something more quick, this is your place

Longer Reads

you might need a bit more time to read these, but they're all worthwhile


these games and stories are still in development! but don't be afraid to check them out and keeping an eye out